Christian Book Academy is an online membership where we help Christian writers of all genres, like you, write words that outlive you, self-publish books that fulfill your calling, and reach more readers with your message.

The membership is $39/month or $399/year with no long term contracts.

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Write Your Book

In this 90-minute workshop, you'll get your book out of your head and onto paper. Then, create a writing plan to finish your first draft. WooHoo!

Our proven step-by-step system helps you make decisions quickly and with clarity so you can move forward to finish your book.

I'm ready to write
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Self-Publish Your Book

If you want to self-publish your book but don’t know where to start, this Publishing Map is for you.

You will learn our 9 simple steps inside our publishing map that will help you gain clarity on your next steps and give you a powerful visual to refer back to often.

Market Your Book

In this 90-minute workshop, you'll get your social media content for the next month done so that you can reach more readers (without being pushy or salesy).

Discover how to create real relationships with your readers that lead to reviews, supporters, book sales.

Your Battle Plan

Powerful things happen when you integrate your faith with your writing, publishing, and marketing. Learn how to create your writing battle plan so you can move forward in God's call on your life to write in our Battle Plan All-Access Pass. You'll get 15 presentations plus 13 bonus trainings.

Meet Your Writing Mentors, CJ and Shelley Hitz

Since 2008, CJ and Shelley Hitz have written and published 68 books through their independent publishing company, Body and Soul Publishing.

And they've actually sold books. As of May 2021, they sold 548,878 books and have given away 717,033 books on Kindle alone.

They have mentored writers since 2010 and now help Christian writers, like you, take the courageous step of writing, self-publishing, and marketing your books inside Christian Book Academy.

Together they create a powerful team to help you accomplish the goals God has placed on your heart and have been called "pastors for writers."

Scott Bilker says, "Shelley is today’s Dan Poynter. Her books and advice are golden. She shares the details of self-publishing plus great marketing tips. She is the real deal and her book, Self-Publishing Books 101, proves it." 

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Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need. Matthew 6:33 (NLT)